November 18th 2015 (Berlin, Germany) – The Polyurea Development Association Europe, PDA Europe held its 9th Annual Conference from Monday 16 to Wednesday 18 November in Berlin, Germany. The event brought together 109 participants from 22 different countries including Macedonia, Turkey and Russia. Over two and a half days, an impressive variety of case studies and courses were presented focusing on all aspects of the use of Polyurea.

The event started on Monday afternoon with an educational training “Introduction to Polyurea for the Applicator”. The training was followed the next two days by 15 presentations, comprising all different aspects of polyurea technology, such as new raw materials, improved formulations, safe application of polyurea, regulations affecting polyurea applications, testing methods for polyurea, updates on equipment and machinery, indoor air quality and multiple case studies:

  • Steven Buvens and Stijn Roekaerts (Huntsman) focused on the complete range of isocyanate & amine products for polyurea and how they affect the end properties of polyurea. They also presented a case study on waterproofing the viewing area of the Maracanã Stadium in Brazil
  • Jens Hofele (Velosit) explained a new approach to prepare, patch and prime concrete and masonry substrates.
  • Hugo Herault and Raul Fernandez (Krypton Chemical) talked about the use of PU foams in combination with polyurea coatings, its advantages and downsides.
  • Karl H. Wuehrer (Covestro Deutschland AG) gave an overview of the latest developments in the area of Polyaspartic Coating
  • Dirk Uebelhoer (Sika) presented a case study of refurbishment works on a steel bridge deck with limited down time,
  • Murphey Mahaffey (Polyurethane Machinery Corporation) presented a case study on the refurbishment of a historic boat. He touched upon the surface preparation, important points to be taken into account in the restoration, equipment and materials used.
  • Patrick Grandchamp (Blastrac) gave an overview of various machines and tools to easily remove different types of polyurea from different type of surfaces in a fast and environmental friendly way.
  • Christina Nicoara (TIB Chemicals AG) set out recent achievements that have been realized by the development of a high-performance solvent-free poly­urea coating for the external protection of transmission lines especially under severe and varying conditions.
  • Ylva Edwards (CBI Betonginstitutet) gave an update on a research project concerning parking decks which looks into to developing a basis for how a park­ing deck should be designed with regard to floor coverings on concrete.
  • Teodoro du Marteau (NTE) focuses on the importance of surface preparation as a key-aspect for a successful implementation of waterproofing with polyurea
  • Erik Vangrondsveld (Huntsman) gave an overview both on the regulatory side of the use of isocyanates and practical guidelines on how to use MDI safely while spraying
  • Beat Bruderer (nolax) focused on the adhesive aspects where injection bonding is used
  • Alain van Oorsouw (BASF) gave an overview of the existing range of testing equipment suitable for most applicators, formulators or specifiers, architects or contractors which should allow for proper and efficient testing during the appplication process itself or during the final inspection.
  • Karl H. Wuehrer (Covestro Deutschland AG) presented the results of the pilot phase to check the standardized method of odor testing.

A polyurea spray demonstration was also organised on Wednesday to give the participants the opportunity to get an immediate impression of polyurea technology.

Linked to the conference, the Annual General Assembly took place on Tuesday afternoon.  Part of the association’s board was renewed and now counts 13 members.

  • Hugo Herault – Krypton (President)
  • Klaus Breuer, BASF SE (past President)
  • Alain Brosset – Europe Resine
  • Jordi Catalan, Tecnopol
  • Alberto Cecinati – Graco
  • Geert Dries – Huntsman
  • Herbert Mann – WIWA
  • Muge Pinar – Unicom
  • Carlos Royo – Gama
  • Keltoum Sakour – Albemarle
  • Dirk Uebelhoer – SIKA
  • Alain van Oorsouw, BASF Nederland BV
  • Dino Vasquez – Mapei

At the general assembly, the organisation also recognised the important role Mr. Marc Broekaert has played not only in setting up the PDA Europe association but also in laying out the direction the association had to take. It was acknowledged that the involvement and dedication of Mr. Broekaert has been key for the growth of the association. For his contribution he was granted honorary membership to the PDA Europe association.

Overall, the PDA Europe annual conference was a great success again and we would like to express a special thanks to all those involved in the organisation, PDA Europe board and committees, our sponsors and of course, our conference participants who made the event possible!

Hugo Herault, president of PDA Europe states that “the recurrent high number of participants coming from increasingly diverse countries underlines the importance of this conference and the added value it provides for the entire sector”.  He added that “the output of this conference strengthens the role of the association as the representative organization for polyurea in Europe.”


About PDA Europe

The Polyurea Development Association Europe (PDA Europe) is the official trade association for the European Polyurea industry. Registered as an official, international not-for-profit association under Belgian law, PDA Europe promotes the highest possible standards for polyurea. Leading experts from across Europe’s chemical industry make up the membership base of PDA Europe providing expert advice on product quality. The association also offers best practice information on areas of environmental consideration and safety and provides an established networking forum for key industry players to discuss the future of the polyurea market. PDA Europe has close links with the American PDA which was formed in 1999.

For more information contact:

Hans Craen

PDA Europe

+32 2 761 16 11

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