Case study submission request

Dear PDA Europe members,

Since the foundation of PDA Europe in 2007 we see a steady growth in public interest and awareness for this fascinating new technology. However, many application areas for elastomeric coatings in Europe are facing strict and comprehensive regulations. Existing national and European regulations (e.g. as listed in the newly edited PDA brochure “Polyurea in the Construction Industry and the Environment”) did not take notice of polyurea as it was not known at the time of enactment. Presently there are new regulations in preparation with relevance for the polyurea industry. The Industrial Relations Committee meanwhile has established good relations to sister associations and to regulatory bodies in order to have polyurea included in such regulations – either for revisions of existing regulations or from the very beginning of new regulations.

However, what we are lacking severely to be successful in these efforts is a description and documentation of polyurea jobs done. It became very clear that polyurea coats have to proof suitability and durability to achieve the status of a recognized and recommended technology in future regulations.

For this purpose we have drafted a form and ask you to fill this in with all available data from past and future polyurea jobs. It is very important to describe:

– type and date of job
– the initial state of the surface treated
– the surface preparation
– the product applied
– the procedure of application
– the long-term performance since application (MOST IMPORTANT!)

Please also add any existing photos, press releases and certificates illustrating the project

By this PDA Europe has the opportunity to establish a polyurea library from where cases can be extracted wherever needed to promote and firmly establish this technology in the relevant regulations and directives.

PDA Europe – Industrial Relations Committee Dr. Werner Bertleff (Chairman)

Download our case study submission guidelines.

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