On-site Spraying

By Alain van Oorsouw,  Elastogran BV

Object : Truck-docking area, ramp, dockleveler and loading area
Surface : Concrete and steel
Location : Elastogran BV Headquarters
Surface area : 100 m2

Formulators do not very often spray large surfaces themselves but leave it up to their customers, this however makes the list of reference object very troublesome. In order to create an on-site, often used, reference object coated with polyurea, Elastogran decided to spray an on-site area in the spring of 2005.

The entire surface was grit blasted and primer was applied to ensure adequate adhesion, then a layer of 3 mm Elastocoat C 6335/101 was sprayed using an overspray finish to ensure an anti-skid surface. The cleaning, grit blasting and primer application was done in one day, the spraying the second day and the third day trucks were already delivering and taking away full loads.

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