Our Mission

Developing the European Polyurea Market Together

The Polyurea Development Association Europe (PDA Europe) is the official trade association for the European Polyurea industry. Registered as an official, international not-for-profit association under Belgian law, PDA Europe promotes the highest possible standards for polyurea. Leading experts from across Europe’s chemical industry make up the membership base of PDA Europe providing expert advice on product quality. The association also offers best practice information on areas of environmental consideration and safety and provides an established networking forum for key industry players to discuss the future of the polyurea market. PDA Europe has close links with the American PDA which was formed in 1999.

Definition of Polyurea (PUA)

The cross-linking reaction takes place solely between the isocyanate and the amine-terminated compounds.  Hydroxyl groups added through additives or pigment pastes should not have a significant influence on the cross-linking reaction.

Our mission:

The PDA Europe mission is to

    • Be a platform to connect industry stakeholders
    • Be a neutral knowledge center to develop and promote the benefits of polyurea applications and its safe and correct use
    • Be a contributor to support the growth of the polyurea market through advocacy at relevant EU and national associations or bodies.

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