Polyaspartic Coatings – Modern Resins for Fast Setting Corrosion Protection Topcoats

By Karl H. Wuehrer, Bayer MaterialScience

For many years aliphatic polyurethane topcoats are the standard when it comes to light and weather stable topcoats for corrosion protection. As the color- and gloss-stability is still fulfilling endusers demand the curing speed, film thickness and the VOC content could be improved.
With the new Polyaspartic Coatings all requirements from the industry can be covered:

  • Light- and weather-stability
  • Fast curing without using special spray equipment
  • Near 0 VOC coating materials
  • High film build, up to 300 µm / 12 mils in a single coat
  • 20 min pot life @ 4 hrs curing time (23°C/50%)

Areas of applications are industrial installations where production shut-down is the cost driving factor…


Or highway bridges where lane closer have a major impact on gasoline use/ CO2 output of commuter cars, especially during the rush hour.


A 2 coat system with similar protection properties as a conventional 3-4 coats system (primer/1-2 x intermediate/topcoat, total 270 µm) can be achieved with a 2 layer coating system during an 8 hour period, surface preparation included.

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