Conference Committee

The PDA Europe Conference Committee’s global task is to organise the annual and exhibition

It involves many actions such as:

  • developing the activities programme and agenda
  • creating convention theme & topic
  • organising calls for speakers & papers
  • budgeting the events
  • finding exhibitors and sponsors
  • promoting trough advertising, brochures, website…
  • organising the practical details (location, bookings…)

The Conference Committee works in interaction with the other committees in order to give PDA Europe members the most they can expect from the Conventions.

Committee composition:
Erkan Durgut, Covestro, Chairman
Patrick Grandchamp, Blastrac
Sami Saleem, DELTA Coatings International
Tom Vandevenne, Graco: campfire session

Industry Relations & Communication Committee

The Industry Relations & Communication Committee develops and implements strategies and programmes for advancing the awareness and acceptance of the association and polyurea technology to the broadest audience. For this purpose, target industries and application areas will be identified and contacts with relevant organisations and key persons will be established. Thus a network is being built enabling us to spread out information about polyurea to relevant associations, conventions and programmes. On the other hand, targeted application areas will be invited to share their needs and interests with PDA Europe members. Every PDA Europe member is invited to contribute with their industry networking in order to efficiently reach these objectives.

Committee composition:
Michael Henningsen, BASF SE, Chairman
Steven Buvens, Huntsman
Gjorgjija Tasevski, Ditas
Tom Vandevenne, Graco
László Kézdi, Polinvent

Technical Committee

The Technical Committee of PDA Europe has engaged itself to develop and provide educational and professional opportunities to our member companies and their employees covering the fields of introduction to the technology, applicator training including spray courses, surface preparation courses and training as a first priority. Next to application-baised programmes, a Safety, Health and Environment programme will also be made available in cooperation with the governing bodies already active in this field. These courses will be available on the annual conferences but will also be made available to our members if and when market demands and opportunities arise at other times.

The Technical Committee also plans to set up guidelines, product and application specifications tailored to the requirements of architects and design engineers to increase market perception and acceptance of the technology. The Technical Committee will also follow the increasing amount of harmonized European Standards concerning concrete repair and protection methods and coatings.

All this work will be carried out by an enthusiast core of engaged volunteers working in sub-committees dealing with all the above issues. Active participation is required from all our active and prospective members.

Committee composition:
Xavier Mestres, Hi-Tech Spray Equipment, Chairman
Alain van Oorsouw, BASF Nederland, Polyurea application instructor
Stijn Roekaerts, Huntsman, Polyurea application instructor
Stefan Priemen, Hunstman, Polyurea application instructor
Tom Vandevenne, Graco: training promotion
Gjorgjija Tasevski, Ditas: ISOPA
Erkan Durgut, Covestro: hand application
Daniel Nan, Sika: for hand applied
Patrick Grandchamp, Blastrac 


Membership Development Committee

In cooperation with the other committees and the member companies, the Membership Development Committee is responsible for bringing new members in the association and making sure that the current members are able to benefit from all advantages that PDA Europe offers them.

Committee composition:
Koit Helmrosin, Purest, Chairman
Gjorgjija Tasevski, Ditas
Marco Quirino, Magma Macchine: Italian Committee
Eugene Reynolds, EPR Contracts: UK Committee
Dirk Uebelhoer, Sika: German Coommittee

Make your voice count, join us and one of our committees!


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