PDA Europe now issued the English edition of the status report jointly worked out with Deutsche Bauchemie e.V. (German Association of Construction Chemicals Manufacturers).

This status report for the first time is highlighting the present situation of polyurea use in the European construction industry on 27 pages. The report provides information about the history of polyurea as well as definitions and differentiations from the related polyurethane technology. The most comprehensive part of the report deals with the many application areas of polyurea. Though in some areas polyurea use is more widespread outside Europe especially in the US and increasingly in Asia there are many examples in Europe as well. The emerging character of this technology leads to the fact that in some cases the report rather shows the future potential than noteworthy actual use. This is partly due to the dense European regulatory systems where the young technology normally is not expressly incorporated. However, along with information about relevant German and European regulations given the report comes to the conclusion that polyurea as a liquid plastic material like other established liquid systems is definitely covered by most of the European performance-oriented regulations. Various chapters of the report deal with manufacturing, formulation and especially important with processing of polyurea systems. The raw materials are discussed under aspects of human safety and environmental behaviour. Last but not least references are made to safe transportation, recycling and disposal.

To order, please download, fill in and fax back this form. A minimum order of 5 copies apply [8 EUR per copy].

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