PDA Europe members and stakeholders met in Bucharest from 12 to 14 November for the PDA Europe Annual Conference and Exhibition and for the General Assembly of Members  
November 26th 2018 (Brussels, Belgium)

Over 60 polyurea industry representatives from across Europe and Middle East attended the PDA Europe Annual Conference and Exhibition from 12 to 14 November in Bucharest, Romania.

The event started on 12 November with a spray gun workshop and an introduction course to polyurea. The workshop allowed participants to manipulate, dismantle and assemble the current line of spray guns available on the European market with the objective to identify the similarities and differences that exist between guns. This is a good approach to better understand the functionality of the various parts and components. The introduction course to polyurea is specifically designed for applicators and contractors. During this course, participants learned about the physical properties of polyurea, application procedures, techniques and advances as well as equipment types.
The conference was spread on 2 days and included presentations on the differences between pure and hybrid polyurea and a paint manufacturer’s entry to polyurea. Some case studies were presented about polyurea application in Legoland in Dubai, a tank rehabilitation with polyurea and geotextiles  and a test on polyurea wearing layers in high traffic areas. Finally there were two regulatory updates on MDI and REACH. A panel discussion on long term experience with polyurea and a campfire session were also on the programme, allowing the audience to contribute to discussions by asking questions and to share their own experience. Participants particularly appreciated these interactive sessions and many regular attendees qualified this 2018 edition of the PDA Europe conference as the best one they attended.
During the General Assembly, the 2018 association’s activities and results were presented. Members approved the 2017 financial report, the 2019 budget and some changes to the statutes. Keltoum Sakour (Albemarle) was appointed President of PDA Europe. Dirk Uebelhoer (Sika Services AG) will be the Past President for one year. Two Board Members were re-elected: Peter Bloem (Graco) and Gjorgjija Tasevski (Ditas) and Michael Henningsen (BASF SE) was elected for a first mandate.
This press release is available in the news section of our website. The new board composition is available here and the conference presentations are available to the conference participants and to our members on the PDA Europe website (login sensitive).
About PDA Europe
The Polyurea Development Association Europe (PDA Europe) is the official trade association for the European Polyurea industry. Registered as an official, international not-for-profit association under Belgian law, PDA Europe promotes the highest possible standards for polyurea. Leading experts from across Europe’s chemical industry make up the membership base of PDA Europe providing expert advice on product quality. The association also offers best practice information on areas of environmental consideration and safety and provides an established networking forum for key industry players to discuss the future of the polyurea market.

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